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CadFaster first to provide PMI markup export as PMI in JT

CadFaster's MyCadbox enables users to import and view JT files with PMI markups, add new markups and export the file back in JT format. With ability to export PMI markups users can view CAD models on a simple viewer and still add comments that stay with the model during export. 

Mobile device is not an excuse anymore

Real-time co-viewing sessions with complex models on a mobile device - impossible? Not anymore! Don't decline from reviews, meetings or customer presentations because you don't have your power laptop at hand. View, share, host or join a session on mobile device with MyCadbox.

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Reduce internal documents

Company X uses MyCadbox to share new CAD model sketches inside the project team for initial comments. Team members can view the shared model from all angles, do measurements, study details and add their comments as PMI markups. The commented model is then exported back to the designers CAD and the comments truly stay with the model. Designers can continue working with the model having all the comments attached to the model and not in separate web apps or documents. Company X enjoys the decreased amount of internal documents and the easy handling of comments which MyCadbox collaboration features provide.

Forget slide sets and screenshots

Companies spend a lot of times discussing about features over a slide set of CAD model screenshots. Why not use the actual 3D model and markup your comments directly to the model? No more preparing and reviewing those slide sets with screenshots. MyCadbox provides a simple way to improve model reviews and save time.

MyCadbox provides an easy way to provide CAD models for those not having a direct PLM access. Users can view and add comments to received models which are then exported back to PLM. As PLM solutions track all the markups, you have a clear trail back to markup's original author even though it was not added in the PLM solution. 

Collaboration made easy and trackable

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Design better products

Company Y used to rely on screenshots when reviewing features with project customers. They noticed that using screenshots left too much room for missunderstandings in the model details leading to design errors. These errors were detected late when a prototype, or in worst case, the end product was ready. To fix this communication problem Company Y started using MyCadbox co-viewing with customers. Now Company Y reviews the model details together with the customer leaving no room for missunderstandings. Company Y is impressed how efficiently MyCadbox co-viewing reduced design errors, improved communication and how well it supports the design process.

Win the race!

Company Z does not allow access to their PLM solution for external people so there is no model access for Company Z's development partners. This policy causes more work and delay to project teams who manually convert models from PLM to suitable transfer formats and share them separately to project partners. To speed up the communication and to utilize the existing models better Company Z integrated MyCadbox with their PLM. Now selected models are automatically shared from PLM to MyCadbox where they are availabe for designated partners. Partners have access to the newest models being able to continue co-development of the end-product. Integrated MyCadbox sharing saves manual work from Company Z and speeds up the development process with partners.

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MyCadbox 2 packed with performance!

MyCadbox 2 takes CAD viewer performance to the next level
MyCadbox is 1,5 times faster with it's operations thanks to improved synchronization and UI updates. The visualisation performs easily with over 16 million polygon models, where as majority of viewers have difficulties already in 1 million polygons. We also upgraded the storage for each user from 100 to a 1000 models so you can fit all your models into your MyCadbox. Enjoy!

Quickest viewer for JT, STEP and IGES

Why MyCadbox's patented visualisation is the fastest: